Non Fault Accident Aftercare

Complimentary AARC Accident Aftercare

If you are ever unfortunate enough to bet involved in a road traffic accident, let the Aldridge Accident Repair customer care team take care or you. We will process all your paperwork, organise your courtesy car and organise your booking dates. Just sit back and relax.

Accidents can be very stressful. We provide a complete hassle free experience and take all the stress and worry out of your hands. We will communicate directly with your insurance and third parties and keep you updated throughout the whole process.

After a non fault accident your first call should be to AARC Accident Aftercare and we take care of the rest.  Check out this informative video about what to do following an accident that was not your fault. WATCH VIDEO

What to do following an accident that wasn't your fault :

When your car has been damaged by someone else's careless driving, there are ways to ensure that you don't lose out - such as driving a hire car similar to your own, or protecting any excess payments you would normally have to pay.

This is what we promise to do for you:

• We will organise a ‘like for like’ replacement vehicle so your life is not affected

• You will NOT have to claim on your insurance policy

•  You will NOT have to pay any excess

• We will deal with your claim from beginning to end

• Let us take care of you and your car

What to do following an accident that was your fault :

It's always traumatic having an accident, especially if it was your fault. However, Aldridge Accident Repair Centre can significantly reduce your stress.

Give us a call immediately and we promise to do the following:

• We will contact your insurance company for you

• We will give you £50 discount from your excess payment (see our loyalty card)

• We will organise your courtesy car

• We will book your car in for repair and provide you with regular updates

• When your car is ready we will call you in advance and arrange for collection.