Environmental Bodyshop

At Aldridge Accident Repair, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Every day we use hazardous products in order to repair vehicle back to their pre-accident condition.


Paint Products

All of our paint products comply with EU legislation and considerable investment is made so that we now use waterborne basecoats and primers, with low VOC clear topcoats. Waste is recycled and special air-fed masks are used to ensure that all staff are protected at all times.


Where possible all materials we use are recycled. This of course include paper products, tyres, but also harmful plastic bumpers and reusable parts. We have a policy to repair rather than replace parts where possible.

Dust and Fumes

Where we have to use abrasives for vehicle preparation, we use special tools that extract the dust content into a centralised container so that it can be disposed of environmentally. 

Courtesy Cars

All of our courtesy vehicles are selected so that fuel consumption and out put of CO2 are kept to the very minimum