Additional Services

Additional Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands

At AARC we aim to provide a wide range of additional Vehicle Repair & Maintenance services over and above our core business, accident repair at our bodyshop in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands.

Check out the list of services that can usually be carried out while your vehicle is with us for repair, or of course at any other time.

Business to Business End of Lease Defleeting

AARC specialises in the repair of scratches, dents, scuffs,  paint chips including Paintless Dent Removal and Alloy Wheel Re-Furbishments at Lease End.  Offering a low cost alternative to Lease Company return condition charges.  

Call us to book in for an inspection & quote three weeks before end of your vehicle lease.   AARC’s Defleeting service puts your business in control of costs that Lease Companies can frequently charge £ hundreds for if left unattended.

4 wheel Alignment

If you are experiencing an unfamiliar driving experience on the road, a pot hole or curb may have knocked your wheels out of line.

AARC has the latest, state of the art laser equipment to adjust your vehicles wheel and suspension alignment to minimise extensive and unnecessary tyre wear.

Poorly aligned wheels and suspension can cause excessive tyre wear and poor handlind and in extreme situations can be very dangerous.

Replacement Tyres

Worn Tyres are extremely dangerous and illegal.  

Why not take advantage of our tyre competitive fitting service while your vehicle is with us for repair. Ask us for a free quotation either by telephone or online.

Air Conditioning

All Air Conditioning systems lose effectiveness over a period of time - you may have noticed this. Its is a simple cheap procedure to ensure you stay cool at all times.

We can provide full re-gassing and cleansing services on site at competitive prices, including full recharge to improve performance, cleaning and a service to prevent smells and odours and a professional leak investigation and fault diagnosis. 

SMART Repairs

aarc specialises in the repair of scratches, dents, scuffs and paint chips. Offering a low cost and fast service.  Including Paintless Dent Removal; a low cost repair for minor damage.

We can also offer Plastic Welding to repair damage to most plastic parts saving hundreds of pounds on replacement.  A technique used extensively in the construction of modern vehicles

Windscreen Repairs

Although your insurance company might be able to replace your windscreen, many small chips can be invisibly repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Remember that your vehicle could fail its MOT should the chip be larger than 10mm and in line of sight.Our experienced glass fitters will always be happy to advice and we can replace your vehicle glass if required.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

It's so easy to clip a kerb and damage your very expensive alloy wheels.  Did you know that we can repair them back to new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement?

We can offer a range of wheel refurbishment treatments to all types of alloy and steel wheels, getting your wheels back to showroom standard in no time!

Full Valeting Service

Although your vehicle will be cleaned when we repair it, it will not have the benefit of a Full Valet, which can bring your vehicle back to near showroom condition.

We remove all that grime, polish the paint, clean the interior, black the tyres which can be done at the same time as your vehicle is being repaired.

You will be surprised at the value, especially if you upgrade from our usual cleaning service, before delivery of your vehicle

Parking Sensors

Many minor accidents occur while reverse parking, either from your vision being restricted or hitting an obstacle that is out of sight.   We can fit a range of parking sensors to the rear of any vehicle and the whole system automatically engages as soon you put the car into reverse. 

We have sophisticated colour matching equipment, so we can even fit colour coded parking sensors.

Tuning & Performance Mapping

AARC offer a wide range of vehicle performance enhancements from Engine ECU Upgrades to full vehicle remapping. 

We pride ourselves on offering only high quality solutions using tried and tested products to ensure there is no compromise to your car’s overall performance.

MOT & Servicing - All makes, models, LCVs

We can carry out interim and full servicing on any make of car and light commercial vehicle, which can save you up to 50% on main dealer prices at our workshop in Aldrifge.

AARC also offers its customers an MOT testing facility with fully trained MOT testing technicians to carry out MOTs to Class 4 and 7.  Our fully licensed MOT facility uses the latest testing tools allowing us to test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars and Light Commercial Vehicles.