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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please leave your feedback following, or during your repair.  We are very interested to hear from you, whatever your experience during the repair of your vehicle. Only by listening to your feedback can we improve the services we offer.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. How do you rate our Staff and Customer Service?

2. How do you rate our Communication?

3. How do you rate our workmanship?

4. How do you rate our facilities?

5. How do you rate our Overall Service?

If you have any comments regarding your experience at AARC or are less than satisfied, please explain the reasons below.

Please feel free to write us a testimonial of your experience.
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Customer Comments

  • After scuffing my bumper I took my car to AARC. They key to key time was remarkably fast! The quality of repair was faultless and the staff were friendly and incredibly helpful in explaining everything.
    Ellen H
  • When we last had bad snow and ice, a neighbour crashed into my Mini. I spoke with AARC and they took care of everything - all the phone calls and paperwork. My mini was repaired and returned to me in immaculate condition and within good time. Would highly recommend.
    Sarah R
  • I would recommend Aldridge Accident Repair Centre because of the excellent service and repair.
    Robert J
  • Thank you for your help Aldridge Accident Repair Centre. Would recommend !
    William B
  • Very pleased with service given to me. I left my wallet in van. When I notified the person by phone, she got it for me straight away. Thank you
    Richard M